Menu Options

The menu options are designed to encourage students to go above and beyond the average instrumental music student, to provide dedication to the program through both service and musicianship. Every instrumental music student must complete 2 menu options for an A in class.  We have had students complete as many as nine menu options. I encourage you to challenge yourself and do as many as you can and not settle for the minimum.

Above is the Evidence Form which you must turn in by May 20, 2019 to receive any credit. You will not receive any credit if this form is not turned in.

Pep Band - 1 or 2 options

There are 8 regular season games and additional playoff games. Students must attend at least 7 games too get 2 menu options or 5 games to get a single menu option. 

Service to Band - 1 Option Each

There are many opportunities for this menu option. This can include but is not limited to - Volunteering at fundraisers, helping with end of year clean outs and volunteering at Section Leader Auditions. There are many other opportunities please check with Mr. Terry for all the options. 

All-State Band - 2 options

Any student that makes All-State band receives 2 menu options. 

Small Ensemble - 1  option

Play in a student organized small ensemble(duet, trio etc.). Must rehearse at least 5 hours. 

Research Project - 1 option

Research a music related subject. You can research a composer, genre or specific piece of music. You must write a paper that is at least 3000 words and have at least 3 sources. 

Mentor a Student - 1 option

Contact a middle school or elementary band program and work with students learning your instrument. Spend at least 5 hours helping out privately or with the group. 

Play in a Group Outside of School - 1 menu option

There are many groups that practice outside of school. Groups include -Highlands Ranch Concert Band, Colorado Youth Symphony, Denver Young Artists Orchestra etc. (home rock band doesn't count).

Perform at DC Solo and Ensemble Festival - 1 option
Perform a small ensemble or solo piece at the festival. 

Pit Orchestra - 2 Options

Perform in the pit orchestra for the TRHS Musical. 

Extra music classes - 1 option

If you also perform in another performing arts class like orchestra, choir or Jazz Band, you can get a menu option.

Class photographer - 1 option

Turn in photos for the band banquet with photos of the class as well as other band activities. Must have at least 50 photos. 

Other - varies

If you have other musical experiences that you do that are not on this list talk with Mr. Terry to see if you can get menu option credit for the activity.